Glenn Flansburg

Glenn Flansburg

Hi, my name is Glenn Flansburg.  I am a US Navy veteran (land locked in Oklahoma), former heavy metal musician (shameless plug, check out my band Angelical Tears on Spotify), and professional code monkey.  I have been writing code professionally since 1992.  I have also been a huge flight sim enthusiast since I got my first 386 in 1992 with a Thrustmaster FCS, SoundBlaster card, and Falcon 3.0.

I am not always "Johnny on the spot" when it comes to maintaining development on my products.  I tend to get sidetracked with new projects and my older ones get put on the back burner, though I try to answer emails as quickly as possible.  Because I don't maintain an email list of users, you'll want to check back often to see if I have made any updates.  In addition, you can always click on "Check For Update" under the Help menu (in FSRadio only, FIP Tool Kit will be coming soon).

Please drop me an email from the Contact page with any questions, requests, gripes, or general name calling.  And say hi if you see me flying around in MSFS 2020.  My callsign/tail number is NW5SQJ.  My grandfather survived the sinking of the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor in 1941 and again survived the sinking of the USS Atlanta at Guadacanel in 1943.  W5SQL was his ham radio callsign and I use it as a tribute to him.